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Supervision and mentoring is available for qualified graduates, including case supervision. One to one sessions are available and can be done in person or over skype. Please contact us for further details.

I started attending Anu Health because of recurring sore throats that I was having for years. I found Thérèse to be very professional and patient when dealing with my problems. My sore throats are long gone as well as loads of other ailments that I didn’t think were a problem until they were gone. One of the many other benefits from attending Thérèse is that I now sleep really well whereas before I was a very light sleeper and if I was woken up I couldn’t get back to sleep, not such a great thing when you have a small child! I would highly recommend Thérèse and Anu Health.

Alma Green

‘I went to see Thérèse a few months ago as I have an under active thyroid and I was struggling with a few issues like no energy and bad digestion and my hair was falling out. I also had joint and muscle pain. Thérèse really knows her stuff. She was able to advise me on diet. I had a blood test to find out what foods I was producing antibodies to. It turned out that I had leaky gut, and low stomach acid so I needed to repair the gut first and Thérèse showed me how to do this. I have more energy now and my digestion is 100 times better my hair and nails have now started to grow.’ 

Jill Hanlon

Dear Thérèse, thanks so much for all your help, for your reminders before an appointment (think that was a precursor to show how efficient and effective you and your remedies are), to taking us at short notice when we’d an infection that just wouldn’t go away. Your little homeopathic tablets were so child friendly and you always had colours and numerous blank pages and blocks when my little ones wanted to go the other side of the desk. and your dietary advice….sometimes you need someone to get you to just look at what you’re eating. You never pushed-just guided. And Your remedies were as gentle and as effective as you are. Thank you a thousand

Geraldine Humphreys

Therese is an excellent teacher.  Course content has been valuable in day to day practice covering acutes, therapeutics, nutritional advice, family remedies and miasms.  Handouts which were included with the course have been invaluable and I would refer to them on a daily basis.  Case management was another module covered and this has been of huge benefit to me in practice.   ‘In Practice’ Post Grad is without doubt worthwhile and invaluable in practice.

Catherine Holland

Therese has been my supervisor since I started studying homeopathy and I love the way she teaches so this was definitely the postgraduate course for me. The course was packed with invaluable information. We studied the miasms in great detail and Therese brought along some of her cases so that we could really understand each of the miasms. Therese shared her knowledge of nutrition with us also and we got some great handouts.

The course helped me look at homeopathy a little deeper, I learned to see the uppermost miasm in a case and also I started to look at the families of remedies in homeopathy. This is a great course for anyone that has left college and needs a little more.  After college I was scared of prescribing remedies and this course took away a lot of the fear and my case taking really improved.

Marian Gannon

I found the course of great value. It gave me the tools to manage my cases better in my practice and it gave me a better understanding on how to develop my practice. It also has a module on Nutrition which is an added bonus to have, it gave me the confidence to advise people on nutrition with chronic conditions.

Teresa Mhic Dhonncha


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