Feldenkrais Method

Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.”

Moshe Feldenkrais

Feldenkrais – Rediscovering Your Natural Movement

The way in which each of us moves is completely unique. How we move is a result of a combination of factors including learned movements patterns, injury history, medical history and mental and emotional state. When these movements patterns are aligned with how our individual body is designed to move, then our movements are efficient, comfortable and easy. When these movement patterns are not aligned with our natural body movements, our movements become inefficient, difficult and painful.

Feldenkrais provides a guided learning process that allows you to explore your own movement patterns and rediscover movements that you may have lost the ability to access comfortably. Feldenkrais lessons take you through a series of gentle and mindful movement explorations which are designed to bring your nervous system’s awareness to any over-habituated movement patterns and allow you to rediscover more comfortable efficient alternatives. These movement explorations are suitable for injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, neurological conditions and performance enhancement.


  • Relief from musculoskeletal pain and tension
  • Improved co-ordination and balance
  • Greater ease in everyday activities
  • Greater relaxation and well-being
  • Easier and fuller breathing
  • Improved performance in sport, dance, music and drama
  • Increased vitality


Lessons can be done lying on the floor, or in seated or standing positions. During the lesson you are verbally guided through a sequence of movement explorations. The movements are done slowly at your own pace, and always within your own range of comfort. The more awareness and curiosity you bring to the movement, the more efficiently you learn.  These lessons are available on-line and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

In person lessons are also available. These lessons take place on a low padded table. Using my hands, I gently guide you through a range of safe, easy movement explorations which will be unique to you.

“Habits are when we decide how to act before we are aware that we have a choice.”

“Habits are when we decide how to act before we are aware that we have a choice.”

Moshe Feldenkrais


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