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Stress & Related Condition

Many men lead very stressful lives.  Pressure of work, family commitments, financial worries, hours in traffic, can all add to stress levels.  It is known that stress has a significant impact on health, and can contribute to many conditions such as headaches, digestive complaints, high blood pressure, skin conditions and general ill health.   Homeopathy recognises the link between physical and mental well being and can be used to effectively treat stress and related conditions.

Sexual Health

It is estimated that 1 in 10 men over the age of 21 suffers from impotence or erectile dysfunction.   Whilst men are increasingly turning to homeopathy for their sexual health problems, many men still suffer in silence without seeking help.  Homeopathy offers many remedies which can be used in the treatment of these conditions.  Prostate conditions are also treated at the clinic.

Mental Health

A recent health survey showed that depression was rated among one of the most important health issues by men.    75% of suicides in Ireland are men, in particular young men.  Depression is also an issue for older men facing the challenges of ageing and retirement.    Homeopathy treats the whole person and therefore can be particularly valuable in the treatment of mental and emotional conditions such as depression and anxiety.


Homeopathy can be used in the treatment of muscloskeletal injuries, such as sprains and strains, arising from sports or accidents. Homoeopathy can also be used to treat chronic problems arising from old or recurrent injuries.


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