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Homeopathy Post Grad

In Practice Post Graduate Course

with Thérèse Cosgrove Lic.I.S.H., ISHom

This post-graduate course offers the next step in helping you further your skills in various aspects of case analysis and case management.  The course focuses on the most common questions and difficulties arising in practice including long term case management issues and the practical application of miasms.  Case examples are used to show the process of finding the similimum when initial prescriptions are only partially curative.  New remedy families are studied with case examples, and the therapeutics module includes the use of 27 tissue salts.

Course Overview:

Long-term Case Management/Process of finding the Similimum:  What do we do when our first prescription doesn’t work or is only partially curative? Here we look at a step-by-step approach to moving beyond the ‘1st prescription’. Case examples will be worked through to show the indicators we use for finding the similimum, when initial prescriptions have been only partially curative, or stop working.

Applying Miasmatic Theory in Practice:  Miasms are not just theoretical.  When used in practice, miasmatic theory can enhance your case analysis and remedy differentiation. Here we will focus on the 10 Miasm Model, looking at the defining characteristics of each miasm. Case examples will be used to show how to apply this in practice.

Using Therapeutics:  Therapeutics can offer great support to both acute and constitutional treatment. Here we cover a variety of useful therapeutics including 27 Tissue Salts, Herbal Tinctures, Colour Remedies, Sarcodes, and Combination Remedies.

Understanding and Managing Aggravations and Clearings:  What is the difference between the ‘homeopathic aggravation’ and a clearing? Understanding the body’s detoxification and elimination processes can greatly enhance your ability to manage aggravations and prescribe where appropriate. Supporting therapeutics are also covered.

Periodic Table in Practice:  Working with the periodic table can greatly enhance your understanding of mineral remedies and is an invaluable tool in case analysis. Here we will study the themes of Mineral Families, and the Series and Stages Method. Case examples will be used to illustrate how to apply this in practice.

Remedy Families:  The course encourages study and analysis using families rather than single remedies. Throughout the course remedy families, including lesser known ones, will be studied with case examples.

Improving Acute Prescribing:  Successfully treating acutes is a great way to help build your practice, yet it is an area that homoeopaths often say they have difficulty with. This module helps to improve your case taking and remedy differentiation for common acutes such as coughs, sore throats and UTIs. We will also cover therapeutics which can be used to great effect to support acute treatments.

Nutrition Module:  This module will enable you to discuss nutrition confidently with your clients, and recognise and tackle maintaining causes relating to diet. Key Concepts & Clinical Applications are covered including Detoxification, Blood Sugar Control, Cholesterol, Arthritis, Wheat & Dairy Sensitivities, Food Planners, and Supplement Advice.


“I have just completed the post grad with Therese.  I enjoyed every minute of it and I would highly recommend it.  Therese has a great ability to explain topics and concepts even those that seem complex in a very easy simple manner so that the explanation stays with you.

The subjects covered were very pertinent and fitted very nicely on top of my knowledge from college. I now have an invaluable set of notes, which I not only use as reference material but actually enjoy just picking up and reading. This course has really broadened my knowledge and I am much more confident in my practice.”

Colette Cotter


I would wholeheartedly recommend this post grad which I attended 2011-2012. It was the ultimate in-practice post grad, not just going over the topics we covered in college in greater detail e.g. miasms and therapeutics,  but also in relation to the advice and support we need while in practice. I found it informative, professionally run and personally of great value as it has given me more confidence in my work as a homoeopath.

Thérèse herself is like a breath of fresh air not leaving one question unanswered, she shared with us her expertise and her vast knowledge so willingly, in her professional manner she provided typed up notes for each day which has been an invaluable source of information and which I dip in and out of constantly. It was exactly what I need when I need it, perfect!  The setting in the The Hodson Bay was beautiful and food was excellent, it ticked all the boxes.

Tina Fleming


“I completed the post graduate course with Therese in 2010.  I found it to be absolutely beneficial to my practice.  The lectures were very clear and I came away from each one with a better understanding of homeopathy.  The notes we received were excellent, I still refer to them 1 year later, and can see myself using them in the coming years of my work.  On leaving college my case management skills were not up to scratch and I found I was often confused in how to proceed with complicated or even uncomplicated cases.  In the post grad we went through a list of procedures of what to do and what to look for, these procedures help me unravel follow ups in a clear way which allows me to move forward with my clients with clarity and a clear plan.

I was especially happy with the range of therapeutics that we went through, herbal, homeopathic and nutritional. I find these indispensable and now use them as often as I use constitutional remedies.  All in all, I implement everything I learned in the post graduate course in my practice today, and for me that is value for money and time spent.  The course is excellent for the general day to day management and running of a practice.  It left me with many skills and confidence in myself as a Homeopath.  I highly recommend this course.”

Laoise O’Flaherty


“Therese is an excellent teacher.  Course content has been valuable in day to day practice covering acutes, therapeutics, nutritional advice, family remedies and miasms.  Handouts which were included with the course have been invaluable and I would refer to them on a daily basis.  Case management was another module covered and this has been of huge benefit to me in practice.   ‘In Practice’ Post Grad is without doubt worthwhile and invaluable in practice.”

Catherine Holland


“Therese has been my supervisor since I started studying homeopathy and I love the way she teaches so this was definitely the postgraduate course for me. The course was packed with invaluable information. We studied the miasms in great detail and Therese brought along some of her cases so that we could really understand each of the miasms. Therese shared her knowledge of nutrition with us also and we got some great handouts.

The course helped me look at homeopathy a little deeper, I learned to see the uppermost miasm in a case and also I started to look at the families of remedies in homeopathy. This is a great course for anyone that has left college and needs a little more.  After college I was scared of prescribing remedies and this course took away a lot of the fear and my case taking really improved.”

Marian Gannon


” I found the course of great value. It gave me the tools to manage my cases better in my practice and it gave me a better understanding on how to develop my practice. It also has a module on Nutrition which is an added bonus to have, it gave me the confidence to advise people on nutrition with chronic conditions.”

Teresa Mhic Dhonncha