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Three Day Workshop in Feldenkrais Method

We are pleased to announce a Three Day Feldenkrais workshopthat will be held in Dublin on 17th-19th November. Senior Trainer Garet Newell will be leading this course. This  will be a wonderful learning opportunity for both those familiar and new to the Feldenkrais Method. The course fee is €300 (€270 Early Bird before 17th Oct) and will be held at the Nami Ryu Dojo in Harold’s Cross in Dublin.

What is the Feldenkrais Method?

The Feldenkrais Method is at the leading edge of the emerging field of somatic education. Based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais (1904 – 84) and influenced by his expertise in physics, engineering and judo, the Feldenkrais Method draws together both the science and the art of human movement. It is unique in that it is based on sound mechanical and neurological principles and yet is easily accessible through simple practical lessons.

Through its emphasis on experiential learning, the method offers a means to improve many aspects of everyday life — from sitting and walking more comfortably to performing a highly developed skill more efficiently, to easier interpersonal relations. Through exploring patterns of everyday movement, the Method encourages the discovery of new possibilities and choices. The Feldenkrais Method can be experienced in group classes in Awareness through Movement as well as in individual lessons in Functional Integration.

For more information on the Feldenkrais Method  (opens external website).

Who can benefit from this course

The training may be of special interest to:

  • Anyone familiar with the Feldenkrais Method who wants to deepen their understanding
  • Those new to the method who are looking for an introduction
  • Parents and people who work with children who want to learn about child developmental movement
  • Physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals who are looking for an experiential approach to movementAnyone fascinated by the art of movement eg dancers and martial artists who are interested how to move more efficiently
  • Artists, performers and athletes who want to develop their skill to a high level

Course Description

The Three-Day Course, ‘Learning to Learn,’ is a unique introduction to the Feldenkrais Method of Awareness through Movement, created by Garet Newell. The course is designed to re-experience the extraordinary amount of learning which takes place during the first year of human life.

The participatory lessons in Awareness through Movement will recall the progressive stages of development from stabilizing the head, learning to roll over, to crawl, coming to sit and making the transition to standing.

Special audio-visual material will be viewed which will assist in understanding the importance of this learning and how it influences the rest of one’s life.

This course is designed as an introduction to the four-year professional training programme in the Feldenkrais Method.

The course runs daily at 10:30am-4:30pm.

Course Leader & Assistant

 Garet Newell – Senior Instructor

Garet Newell is Educational Director of the Feldenkrais International Training Centre Ltd in Sussex, England. With a university degree in Art History and an MA in Dance in Education, she discovered the Feldenkrais Method through her many experiences in various approaches to both movement and awareness.

Garet studied with Moshe Feldenkrais in his final training, which took place in Amherst, MA in the US and in Tel-Aviv, Israel, from which she graduated in 1983.Teaching in London since 1984, she has been instrumental in introducing the Feldenkrais Method to a wide audience. For 14 years, she taught at the International Workshop Festival, inspiring many performing artists to utilize the Feldenkrais Method.

She co-directed the first Feldenkrais professional training programme in the UK, which began in London in 1987 and went on to establish the Feldenkrais International Training Centre in 1990. She has since directed ten successful trainings in Sussex–in Lewes and in Ditchling. In 1994, she became one of the first Europe-based Teachers to qualify as a Trainer and is the first resident Trainer in the UK.She has been instrumental in research for a complete biography of Moshe Feldenkrais, having conducted interviews with former colleagues of Feldenkrais from the time when he was resident in both Scotland (during the World War II) and afterwards in London.

She has been invited to teach in training programs around the world. She is known for her clarity, caring and humor in her teaching.

Kate Hilder – Course Assistant

Kate Hilder is a Feldenkrais teacher and a physical theatre practitioner who teaches and performs across Europe.  She moved to Ireland from the UK a year ago and teaches dance and voice students at the University of Limerick.  Her performance work integrates movement, voice and language and is mainly influenced by her training in Action Theater™, a form of body-based improvisation training.
Kate discovered Feldenkrais in 2002 through friends in the dance world and completed her teacher training with Garet Newell in Sussex, UK in 2012.  After graduating she worked part-time for the Training Centre supporting Garet with organising trainings both in the office and on-site.  As well as teaching group classes and workshops, she offers individual (Functional Integration) lessons. She works with a wide range of people including performers, the older community and people with injuries and chronic pain.

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Terms & Conditions: Course content and venue may be subject to change. All deposits and course fees are non refundable except in the case of course cancellation. If you have any medical conditions that you may feel could make this course unsuitable for you, please consult a healthcare practitioner before enrolling.