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Good nutrition is vital for a healthy, well functioning, body and mind.  A poor diet can cause or contribute to many health problems including; acne, ADHD, chronic fatigue, constipation, depression, diabetes, fertility problems, high cholesterol, obesity and polycystic ovaries.
Nutrition consultations are provided at the clinic to support your homoeopathic treatment.    Focus is placed on food quality, and achievable and sustainable eating habits.

When is a nutrition consultation beneficial?

A nutrition consultation may be of particular benefit to:

  • Children with ADHD and Behavioural Disorders
  • Improve Fertility
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Balance Blood Sugar
  • Support Recovery from Chronic Fatigue
  • Support Depression
  • Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Weight
  • Support Recovery from Serious Illness

What does a nutrition consultation involve?

A nutrition consultation involves reviewing your current diet and eating habits, and your particular health issues and aims (e.g.  planning a pregnancy, weight loss, detox, blood sugar control, improving your family’s diet).  Based on this, we discuss an eating plan for you with achievable goals.  The aim is not on temporary or restrictive ‘diets’, but to support you in changing your eating habits, and making healthier choices, long-term. The consultation also includes information and advice on food labeling, and supplements. About 4 weeks later, you will have a follow-up to review how you are doing, support you with any specific problem areas, and where appropriate adjust your eating plan.