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K.O.R.E. Therapy ®

K.O.R.E Therapy ®

KORE Therapy is leading the world in recovery through its integrative medicine techniques. It uses a unique combination of Western diagnostic & assessments, Eastern release techniques, with a mixture of psychologies & philosophies to help clients with the most chronic conditions make a break through to recovery and good health.

Your fully clothed treatment will be focused on finding and treating the root causes to your condition and why you are suffering. By using muscle & functional testing and palpation we can find exactly where your issue is coming from. For example a knee problem usually has a back strain connection that needs treating before the knee can recover, or chronic lower back pain always has an old neck injury that causes most of the back pain.

Without discovery and treatment of the cause we are only ever going to mask the issue! Natural body works & corrections are used to release the irritation and inflammation which is leading to your pain, and other connected issues.

Techniques used by KORE practitioners include: Mobilisations, Tuina, Acupressure, Cupping, Acupuncture, Qi Gung, Cranial balancing, Deep organ massage, NLP and others.

For over 20 years KORE’s skills have been tested with a myriad of different conditions that haven’t reacted well to conventional drug, surgery or Physiotherapy based treatments, from all forms of pain, depression and emotional issues, to thyroid and infertility problems. Below is a short list of the typical conditions that we treat on a regular basis:


S Menzies 20 years Endometriosis…
‘The 1st treatment clearly showed why I have Endometriosis, my pelvis & spine was twisted causing a toxic build up including poor blood & body fluid flow through my pelvis, after the 2nd treatment my pain was gone, my pelvis corrected, I felt strong, balanced and pain free, and still do 2 months after treatment.’

IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis

These difficult and problematic conditions can be surprisingly easy to treat; with IBS most of our clients report over 60% improvement after just 2 treatments. KORE’s clinical evidence has clearly shown that bowel irritation and inflammation issues usually start with a combination of spinal nerve inflammation, food intolerance with bowel twists & restrictions leading to toxic overload, imbalance and restricted blood flow, with emotional issues further irritating the system.

A. Creegan, 13 years IBS
After suffering for 13 years with the symptoms of IBS, 2 treatments made me feel wonderful no more bloating, tiredness and pain, I am so so happy thank you.’


Back Pain & Sciatica

The success of KORE Therapy (often where other therapies have failed) is based both on our unique assessment & diagnosis system where we find & treat the root cause of the issue (often located in the neck!), looking for digestive, structural, blood flow, pelvic weakness, psychological and energetic imbalance. Our treatment approach is to balance all or any of these issues often seeing an instant change in the client’s health and pain levels.

D. Dredge, severe back problems
Both my wife and I have suffered with back & neck pain for many years thinking it was the norm. After 2 treatments of KORE all the pain had gone, with an amazing increase of flexibility and well being. I can’t thank you enough!


KORE has found that there is always a musculo-skeletal imbalance between the head & neck in all cases of insomnia, along with some digestive and liver imbalance issues, so treatment is directed at balancing these issues often providing quick and beneficial results (client’s often fall asleep as the neck is released during treatment)

S. Martin insomnia & headaches
‘I feel great, more progress in 4 sessions here than in 12 years with NHS’

Myalgic Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

ME is a complicated disease but KORE has seen many outstanding recoveries due to our unique diagnostics and integrated medicine treatment approach. There is always a musculo-skeletal imbalance between the head & neck in all of the cases, lower back issues, along with digestive imbalance and Kidney weakness.

L. Matherson, Lancashire
‘I couldn’t work because of the pain and numbness in my legs, I couldn’t lift my arm, and I couldn’t sleep, I was diagnosed with both ME & MS!. It took about 4 treatments to start to see the change and it wasn’t just one thing it was all of me together that started to improve, I now have no pain, no tiredness, no numbness and both my arms work, 4 years on!’