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KORE Therapy

Our KORE Therapy diploma is one of our most popular courses. OBB is a integrated multidisciplinary systems which seamlessly combine many of the most effective therapy modalities into an incredibly powerful and gentle therapy.

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KORE Therapy Advanced

The Advanced KORE Therapy course is designed to enhance and refine the skills and techniques of Oriental Body Balance therapists. The course reveals the more profound and subtle aspects of the most effective therapeutic modalities within KORE Therapy.

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Our Acupuncture diploma offers students an opportunity to study this amazing aspect of Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture is an ancient form of medicine that continues to grow and evolve in modern times. It is a powerful treatment system that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has endorsed as an effective treatment for a wide range of conditions and illnesses

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

In our Chinese Herbal Medicine diploma, we cover many of the most effective and commonly used herbs among the thousands of herbs in the Chinese Medicinal pharmacopoeia. This allows our graduates to prescribe tailor made formulas that match their patients needs exactly.

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Continued Professional Development Courses

It is important that you as a therapist keep your skills fresh and sharp. One of the best ways to maintain your high standards is through our Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses