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Beating IBS with Acupuncture

A recent study by the University of York Department of Health Studies in the UK showed positive results on IBS (irritaunderstanding-ibs-s2-woman-touching-stomachble bowel syndrome) using acupuncture.

The trial used 233 long-term IBS sufferers, average duration 13 years, whose symptom severity scores (SSS) were 100 or more. They were split into two treatment protocols. Half received standard medical care, and the other half standard care plus one weekly acupuncture session for 10 weeks. [1]

Those who received acupuncture showed greater reductions in their SSS scores, but more importantly, these improvements lasted through follow-up testing at three, six, nine, and 12 months after the treatments.

So for long lasting and effective relief from IBS, try acupuncture now.

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