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Tissue salts or ‘cell salts’ are mineral salts which are naturally present in our bodies.  These minerals have an important role in the healthy structure and functioning of our body, such as bone formation, building brain cells, nerve development, muscle elasticity, fluid balance and much more.   Homoeopathic tissue salts can be used to support health is many ways, particularly at times when our bodies are undergoing change or growth, or for recovery from acute or chronic illness.

Tissue salts are excellent for children when they are going through major milestones and growth phases.  The calcium tissue salts are particularly useful at these times, and can be used for teething problems and growing pains.   Potassium tissue salts are used to support the nervous system and are very useful for teenagers when studying for exams, or for anyone who is under mental or emotional stress.

Pregnancy is an excellent time to take a tissue salt programme.  At each stage of the pregnancy tissue salts are taken to support the extra demands on the woman’s body and to support the development of the baby. Another ideal time to take tissue salts is during and after menopause, to support bone density.

Tissue salts can also be taken if you are feeling tired and ‘run down’, or during an illness.  The correct tissue salt can help increase energy levels, and speed recovery.  Tissue salts are also used to promote healing of broken or fractured bones.

Other complaints where tissue salts are commonly used are; heartburn/acid reflux, menstrual pain, muscle cramps and dry skin.

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