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Chinese Herb Sheng Ma found to have potent effects in treating Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s has been described as a silent plague that affects millions of people and their families worldwide and this condition is continuing to increase despite the efforts of western medicine. This onset of this condition has been linked to the buildup of beta amyloid proteins in the brain is a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease, as this process is believed to degrade nerve cells in the brain and block proper nerve function. And when secretases, which are enzymes that promote the production of beta amyloid proteins, begin to dysfunction, the body is unable to successfully break them apart and prevent them from lodging in the brain.

But the substance identified in Sheng Ma , which was the result of work being done at the Mayo Clinic, reportedly binds with a specific enzyme known as gamma secretase that promotes the production of beta amyloid proteins, and stops them from forming in the brain. And unlike earlier secretase inhibitor drugs that blocked all amyloid-promoting enzymes, including those that performed beneficial functions, natural black cohosh appears to block just those that are harmful while leaving the others alone.

“The molecule found at Mayo is a minor constituent of black cohosh (Sheng Ma) that modulates gamma secretase,” said Jeff Ives, CEO of Satori, concerning the findings. “It’s a unique chemical series. Satori Pharmaceuticals is a drug company that is current hoping to produce a pharmaceutical version of the active ingredient in Sheng Ma.

Even if this drug company is able to isolate  synthesized version of the compound of Sheng Ma, it will take many years and is likely to include many of the common harmful side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. For many of those suffering from Alzheimer’s, this will be too little too late so I suggest that instead of waiting for a drug that may never come, take advantage of the Sheng Ma’s amazing ability to help Alzheimer’s sufferers.

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