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Welcome to Anu Health, specialising in the most effective natural healthcare treatments:


At Anu, our ethos is to provide safe and effective natural healthcare solutions with lasting results. Our treatments address the underlying imbalances causing illness, thereby providing a long-term resolution to your health problems. In addition to tackling specific illnesses and complaints, our aim is to strengthen and improve your overall health, vitality and well being.

Central to our approach, is the recognition that the body is an interconnected system, so  rather than looking at one symptom or part of the body in isolation, we consider all aspects of a person’s health and medical history. We also recognise the inherent link between physical disease, and mental and emotional well-being, and so treat the whole person.

At the centre we provide treatment to clients of all ages with a wide variety of illnesses.  Our therapies can be used if you are already having conventional treatment and are taking prescribed drugs.  If you are considering reducing or stopping prescribed drugs you should consult your prescribing physician.

About Your Practitioners

Thérèse Cosgrove is a registered homeopath and nutritional therapist with fifteen years of clinical experience. She studied homeopathy at The Irish School of Homeopathy, and studied Nutritional Therapy with The Institute Of Health Sciences.  She is a registered member of both The Irish Society of Homeopaths, and Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI). Thérèse also has a Degree in Engineering from University College Dublin. In addition to running her practice, Thérèse lectures at The Irish School of Homeopathy, and provides post-graduate training for qualified homeopaths.

 Martin Quinn is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and has been in practice for over ten years. Martin is a qualified Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Tui Na Massage Therapist and is a registered member of The Acupuncture Council of Ireland. Martin is also a director of The College of Oriental Body Balance and teaches acupuncture, herbalism and massage in Ireland and the UK.



Martin and Thérèse are happy to answer any queries you have regarding the treatments offered and your specific health concerns.